Five things I love about Sam Brookes

My friends!  It’s been awhile.  How have you been?  I trust summer’s been treating you well.  I can’t believe we’re in August already!  Time must be a bird, ’cause it sure does fly.

I’m typing to you from my new apartment in Toronto.  I’ve been here for over a month, so I use the term “new” loosely.  I’ll admit it’s taking me longer than I expected to get used to living in “the city”.  I moved here in July to begin a new job.  Yes, I have rejoined the ranks of the employed.  After three years of being a student, it feels damn good to have a regular income again!  If only there were no rent and bills to pay… but I digress.  I feel very fortunate to have full-time work in the field I went to school for.  Three cheers for audio!

Speaking of audio, I’ve found myself smitten with the music of Sam Brookes.  What can I say?  I’ve got a soft spot for acoustic singer-songwriters.  Here are five things I love about Sam Brookes, in no particular order:

1) His voice.  He’s got one of those voices which, for some inexplicable reason, feels to my ears the way sunshine feels on my skin.  It’s earnest and lovely.  (Yes, lovely.)

2) His accent.  He’s British, and his accent is detectable.  Some accents are masked by singing; his is not.  It’s quite endearing.

3) His lyrics.  He writes lyrics I wish I wrote.  I think, at various times in our lives, we all have persistent, unspoken thoughts which circle our minds until they find a way out.  (Maybe I should speak for myself?!)  You know when you hear a song for the first time which sounds like your own internal dialogue, only worded perfectly and melodiously?  That feeling of, “Hey!  I’m not alone!  Somebody else out there gets it.”  Whatever ‘it’ may be.  I have that feeling when I listen to Sam Brookes.

4) His eyes.  Such blue, blue eyes.

5) His guitar playing.  It pairs wonderfully with the four aforementioned points.

You can download a free, legal copy of the St. David’s Hall Live EP from Helium Records.  If you like what you hear, then keep your eyes and ears peeled for the new album coming out later this month.