Current Song Obsession: “Changing Colours” by the Great Lake Swimmers

I had the best of intentions, folks. I’ve been neglecting many things lately, including writing to you. Sadly, the number of entries I’ve made since starting this blog in June roughly matches the number of times I’ve worked out in the same time period [click “play” on this site to insert comedic sound effect]. Don’t judge me! But enough with self-deprecating jokes and sad trombones. There is a song for the listening!

“Changing Colours” by the Great Lake Swimmers is a new-to-me find.  How on Earth have I been living in ignorance of this amazing Canadian band?  It’s been a long time since a song has evoked such a powerful emotional response in me.  It’s the kind of song you can lose yourself in.  The kind of song you feel as much as you hear, as if it’s coming from inside you and all around you at once.  The first time I heard it, I was drawn in immediately, and as the song played on I felt like I was being washed over by a slow-motion tidal wave of emotion.  Tony Dekker’s voice is lovely beyond words.  “Changing Colours” is warm, close yet wide open, gentle yet passionate, sad and beautiful, comforting and heartbreaking, pure.  Perfect.