Other Stuff: A new year’s loose intention

Well, folks, here we are at the end of 2011.  I have come to the sad conclusion that all the hopes I originally held for this blog went out the window.  There were many times I thought, “Gee, I should write a new post!”  And there were many times I did write a new post, only to put it immediately in the trash without publishing it.  Mostly, my excuses hinged on either feeling like I had nothing of interest to say or having reservations about posting what I had written.  Equally lame, I know.

When I began this blog in June, I imagined myself writing regularly about music and life in general.  I secretly envisioned it as this really cathartic process which would develop a life of its own, slowly but surely taking the blogging world by storm.  I’ve always enjoyed writing and tend to express myself better through writing than, say, regular conversation.  I thought joining the blogosphere might turn out to be a fun way to get to know people, even if only in the online realm.  But, just like in real life, you have to make an effort to get to know people in the blogging world.  Let’s just say it seems my social ineptitude knows no limit.

Awhile back, I stumbled on a random personal blog.  I read one post, then another, and then another.  I realized I had spent over an hour reading about a stranger’s life.  There were three things which kept me reading:  the author’s humour, honesty, and vulnerability.  I laughed out loud, at least once per post.  She writes about her family, her friends, and her sex life.  No holds barred.  While I have no desire to share with you the nitty gritty details of my daily life or how I pulled my groin muscle, I wish I had the balls to write – and post – with such openness.  And, really, I’m in an ideal position to do so without much risk of embarrassment, considering my blog has next to no traffic.  Who would see it?  This brings me to the other side of the coin.

I know of two people who read my blog.  Friends of mine.  Even writing this now feels ridiculous, as if I’m talking about them while they’re within earshot.  More like I’m talking about them to them.  For the sake of not making this any more awkward, I’ll proceed and pretend I have a large readership (all of whom are hanging on my every word, of course).

What is my point?

I’m going to make an effort to post more regularly and openly.  It’s not a New Year’s Resolution, just something I would like to do.

Goodbye, 2011.  Hello, 2012!