Current Song Obsessions: “Killing Time is Murder” by Whitehorse and “A Sun’s Grave” by catl

Awhile back, CBC Radio 3 introduced me to “Killing Time is Murder” by Whitehorse (Melissa McClelland and Luke Doucet).  I fell instantly in love with the roomy-sounding drums, the lazy groove, the way the bottom end drops in like a fat raindrop, the guitar tones, the vocal harmonies, the lyrics, and the overall atmosphere of the song.  The video below is a wicked live version, and I highly recommend visiting their page where you can listen to the album version.

Tonight, I came across the video for “A Sun’s Grave” by catl (Andrew Moszynski and Sarah Kirkpatrick).  I dig it.  Along the same vein as “Killing Time is Murder”, the repetitive riff and vocal harmonies suck me in.  Plus, who doesn’t love foot stomps and shakers?

I thought you might enjoy one or both of these songs as much as I do.  Without further ado!