Fusion Friday: “Caught Me Thinkin'” by Bahamas / “Sit Still” by Each Other

I’ve been catching myself thinking about “Caught Me Thinkin'” by Bahamas.  I’ve been hearing this song a lot on (five dollars if you can guess what’s coming) CBC Radio 3, and it’s thoroughly under my skin.  I don’t have a lot of time at the moment to bore you with a long and detailed explanation of why this song floats my boat.  All I will say is “Caught Me Thinkin'” has become my current favourite guitar song.  It also has a summery feel to it and, even though it’s been an exceptionally mild winter, thoughts of summer are always fun to entertain in March.

The second song I’d like to share with you is “Sit Still” by Each Other, another CBC R3 find.  (What would I do without you, R3?)  If you like the sounds of the ’60s with a modern fingerprint, then I think you’ll dig this track.  The vocal harmonies are reminiscent of the Mamas & the Papas, and there are a lot of interesting instrumental happenings to be enjoyed, not to mention a sweet breakdown toward the end (around 2:30).

Man, I really need to be in a band.

Happy Friday, everyone!