Other Stuff: Revenge of the vacubot

On Thursday I had a shocking experience at work with a vacuum that is older than I am.  It looks similar to this…

(source: http://www.retrotogo.com/2008/06/turtle-vac—th.html)

…except much older and with a funky attachment holster that makes it look like it’s wearing a weapons belt.  And, of course, it’s brown.  A colour that reached its fashion peak in the ’70s (which I’m pretty sure is what decade the vacuum is from).  There I am, vacuuming one of the studio control rooms, when I notice an orangish reflection in the metal tube of the push broom.  What the?  It was just after I heard a strange “Ppppfffffff” noise followed by a pop and the smell and sight of smoke that I realized this little vacubot was trying to kill me!  I threw down the handle, screamed, and then made sure no part of the vacuum was on fire.  After unplugging it, I looked it over.  The cord that connects the push broom to the hose was burnt.  The cord that was just below my hand as I was vacuuming.

I went outside to tell my boss, who was doing work outside, that I think it’s time for a new vacuum.  I recount my near-death experience (okay, so maybe that’s a slight exaggeration).  He sprays me with the garden hose and later calls me Little Miss Fire Hazard.

Little Miss Fire Hazard and Little Miss Trouble weren’t allowed to play together.
(source: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/1200809.Little_Miss_Trouble)

Remind me to tell you about the broaster incident.