Other Stuff: The call of the Sound

It’s good to go home.  And it’s good to be able to say that – and mean it.

I spent Easter weekend in Owen Sound, or “the Sound” as some of us like to call it.  I lived the first 27 years of my life there.  (I say that as if I’m much older than I am.)

As a teenager, I couldn’t wait to get the hell outta dodge.  As I described in a previous post, my “year off” after high school was supposed to have been a time for travel and personal development while I figured out what I was going to do with my life.  Oh, I was going to discover myself while backpacking through Europe!  You know the story.  Well, that “year off” turned into seven years of working various retail sales jobs in Owen Sound.  I barely left my hometown, let alone the continent.  The desire to expand my horizons remained, but it was gradually overshadowed by a fear of the unknown and unfamiliar.  I eventually moved away when I (finally) went back to school.  (Late bloomers of the world, UNITE!)

There have been times when, for various reasons, going home evoked an uncomfortable blend of negative memories and emotions.  It took me awhile to really understand the saying, “Wherever you go, there you are.”  Letting go of and giving rest to the past has never come easily to me, but I’m slowly getting better at it.  (I think.)  It’s one thing to have a healthy respect for the past, for where you’ve come from.  It’s another thing to obsess over it.  Old habits die hard, but we’re all capable of change.  The less I focus on what was, the more I’m able to enjoy what’s now, and the more I’m able to enjoy going home.

Being home for the long weekend felt good, and so did the sunshine.  I spent time with my family, caught up with a friend over chai lattes, saw familiar faces out and about, and visited my favourite spots.

Inglis Falls was a short bike ride away from home.

Easy on the eyes, isn’t it?  Good for the soul, too.  There’s nothing like a bike ride or walk through the peaceful trails of Inglis Falls to quiet your mind and renew your energy.  Harrison Park also offers an abundance of wonderful nooks and crannies.

Stark Naked Tree practicing yoga by the river bank.

Another place which puts me under a spell is the harbour.

A little piece of harbour history.

Once you’ve lived near water, you find yourself drawn to it.  The Owen Sound harbour is one of my favourite spots to get lost in thought.

The view from the 10th Street bridge. I spy with my little eye the Chi-Cheemaun!

I’ve taken many a stroll and sat many a sit along this harbour.

“Sometimes I sits and thinks, and sometimes I just sits.”

My guy and I began our first date sitting on this harbour wall, and it was here he invited me to go with him to Nova Scotia.

In August 2010, I visited friends who were living in Dawson City, Yukon Territory.  What an incredible place!  While I was there, my friend Jesse (a fellow Owen Sounder) told me about his long-time fascination with the Yukon.  Said he heard “the call of the North”.

Maybe it’s the hometown soft spot, but I think I’ll always hear the call of the Sound.