Fusion Friday: “If It Feels Good Do It” by Sloan / “Hondo” by Beta Frontiers

TGIF!  I don’t think I’m alone in saying it’s been one hell of a week.  I am more than ready for the weekend, even though I have to write an exam Saturday morning and work Sunday afternoon.

Several weeks ago (alright, more like a month-and-a-half ago on March 2nd – but who’s keeping track?) I wrote a post called “Fusion Friday” to share two songs with different feels that tickle my fancy (“Caught Me Thinkin'” by Bahamas and “Sit Still” by Each Other, both of which I was introduced to on CBC Radio 3).  Today, like most other work days, I was listening to R3, and heard one of my favourite Sloan songs (I have many favourite Sloan songs).  This particular one never fails to pump me up, and it inspired another installment of Fusion Friday!  Two songs, two artists, different feels.

“If It Feels Good Do It” is for people who know what rock’n’roll is about.  A pretty kick-ass song by a great Canadian band.  My ex was a big Sloan fan, and this was one of the songs we used to jam together.  Thinking back to those days, I’ll never forget the night we and one of his best friends (we’ll call him “AT”) saw Sloan at the Starlight in Kitchener.  After the show, Chris Murphy was hanging out at the bar talking to fans.  We dared AT to talk to him.  We watched as he strolled across the room to Chris, who was still standing by the bar.  Then, AT rubbed the sleeve of Chris’s t-shirt between his thumb and fingers, as if thoroughly examining the feel of the fabric, and said, “Nice t-shirt!  Is it cotton?”  Apparently it was a Seinfeld reference (this one, I believe).  It didn’t look like Chris saw the humour in it, but we had a good laugh.  Hey – if it feels good, do it!  Right, Sloan?  This song should get you pumped up for your Friday night.



And now for something completely different – but also Canadian (Oh, Canada!).  “Hondo” by Beta Frontiers featuring Becky Ninkovic has been in the R3 rotation recently.  I don’t listen to much electro music, but there is something about “Hondo” I really like.  I think it’s the different rhythmic elements and the vocals that really draw me in.  I love the effects on the vocals.



Your turn!  What two songs with different feels would you share for Fusion Friday?