Fusion Friday: “Thousand Roads” by David Crosby / “I & Thou” by The Daredevil Christopher Wright

It’s time for another installment of Fusion Friday!  Two songs, two artists, different feels.  Except this week I’m cheating a bit in the feel department.

My first pick for this week is “Thousand Roads” by David Crosby.  I’d never heard it before I watched the Crosby, Stills & Nash Acoustic Concert DVD.  To this day, it’s the only version I’ve heard.  I’m happy to keep it that way.  I’ve always been fascinated by the power of one voice and one instrument, and this live version has a goosebump factor of “off the charts” for me.  If a guitar riff can drawl, then this one certainly does.  His lyrics evoke such vivid imagery.  He makes it seem so easy!  The mark of a brilliant songwriter.  “It’s probably enough that I was just laughing today, and looking this close in your eye.”  Damn.



For my second pick, I really just want to share anything by The Daredevil Christopher Wright.  They opened for Dan Mangan at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre in Toronto last October, and they completely blew me away.  If you ever get the chance to see them, then do it!  You won’t be disappointed.  Here’s a sweet video of them performing “I & Thou”.  This particular song is quite reminiscent of CS&N/CSN&Y.



Your turn!  What are your two song picks for Fusion Friday?