Synthesis Sunday: “Young & Strong” by The Highway Kind / “Sufficiently Suffonsified” by Wordburglar

In the same vein as Fusion Friday, when I not-so-consistently highlight two songs by two artists with different feels, I present the first installment of Synthesis Sunday!  Like many of the other songs I’ve mentioned here, I was introduced to these two via CBC Radio 3.  Have I mentioned I love R3?

I love me a kick-ass classic rock-inspired tune, as I’m sure do many of you.  On that note, lend your ears to “Young & Strong” by The Highway Kind.

I also love me some funky, clever rap.  I challenge you to listen to “Sufficiently Suffonsified” by Wordburglar (and how awesome are the song title and artist name?) without at least nodding your head and, for the more physically expressive among you, chair-dancing.

For more Highway Kind, visit them on Bandcamp, where you can buy “Young & Strong” for only one Canadian dollar.  That’s less than the price of a cup of coffee – with no diuretic effect!  For more Wordburglar, head on over to his CBC Music profile and website.

Hope you’re enjoying the tail end of the weekend!