Other Stuff: This year calls for resolve.

The ebb of another Christmas and New Year season. Three and a half days of down time until the winter semester begins. My man’s ship hasn’t tied up yet (I’m not being metaphorical – he works on a cargo ship sailing the Great Lakes), and he’s been away since the tale end of November. Quiet apartment. I’m thinking now is the perfect time to get back to songwriting.

I’ve been neglecting music for a long time now. The realization that music had become something I used to do left me wondering how and why I drifted so far from one of the few things that makes sense to me in this world. Whatever your creative passion is, you know the high that comes from fueling it. It’s a feeling unto itself, and it’s what we thrive on. When we starve ourselves of creative pursuits, we begin to feel disconnected from ourselves and the world around us. It’s a gradual recession, until one day you can’t remember the last time you were to-the-core thrilled, turned on, and tuned in. That is where I ended up. But it’s not where I’m going to stay.

I’ve never been very proficient in the art of the New Year’s Resolution. More of a New Year’s Loose Intention setter. Consistently inconsistent. This year, however, calls for resolve. Yes, I want to commit to eating healthier, being more active, reading more books, traveling, being kinder to others, giving back to the community, writing more blog posts, and all the good things we aspire to achieve as we ride the tide from the holiday season into the new year. But I’m easily overwhelmed (and sometimes lazy), and that’s a long list. So I’ll funnel the good intentions into taking care of my creative self. Turns out the rest of me doesn’t fare so well without it.

Happy New Year, all. Here’s to 2013!