I’d rather be making music. What’s your something?

You know that feeling of changing into your favourite pair of comfy pants, especially after a particularly satisfying meal? That’s what I’m talkin’bout.

Music is my favourite pair of comfy pants.

Everybody has something that floats their boat. Something that turns you on in a way that nothing else can. Something that sets the very essence of your being on fire. Something that elevates you beyond time and space. Something you can lose yourself in.

Maybe you have followed its call, crafting your life around it. Maybe you even make a decent living at it. Maybe you have a day job and call it a hobby but secretly fantasize about how life would be as a full-time fill-in-the-blank. Maybe you fall somewhere in between.

Whatever it is, you know what I’m talkin’bout. Your passion.

Maybe you get to live it every day. Maybe life’s demands take you away from it. Either way, it’s always with you.

Maybe it burns brightly, illuminating your life. Maybe it bubbles up after a hard day’s work or even a day at the beach, reminding you of your own unfilled creative potential. Either way, it’s an undeniable part of who you are.

When all is said and done, I’d rather be making music. What’s your something?