Other Stuff: Once the dust settles

Dust from the construction happening in the neighbourhood has infiltrated the window screens and settled in the living room. I can’t see it, but I can feel it on my fingers when I open my laptop. Dirt road dust.

Break-ups are kind of like being under construction. The lives you had been sharing are dug up or torn down. It doesn’t matter who chose the break-up because, either way, construction is underway.

Once the water and sewer systems have been updated, the roads in the neighbourhood will be repaved and smoother than before. The difference will be noticeable from ground level. But the more drastic changes, the reasons for construction in the first place, will have taken place beneath the surface.

He broke up with me one week ago tonight. Our lives will look and function differently than before. Separately. I’m still wrapping my head around that. Struggling to believe that this is for the best, that the road will be smoother once the dust settles. Knowing that however long it takes for my head to come to terms with this new reality, my heart will be a long time catching up.

Tonight, I want to run.