Current Song Obsession: Main Title of the Grizzly Man soundtrack by Richard Thompson

I am a huge fan of both music and documentaries. The most powerful combination of the two I have experienced is Grizzly Man and its soundtrack. What made it so powerful for me was the bonus footage, In the Edges, itself a mini-documentary on the making of the film’s music. The musicians’ ability to lock in their musicality with the visual images and context of those images – and to lock in with each other as musicians – to essentially improvise a soundtrack that perfectly resonates with the film is, to me, astounding. Grizzly Man is not only a story of Timothy Treadwell; it is a story of how we create meaning in our separate and shared lives.

(Houston Roby of 1 2 3 O’Clock 4 O’Clock Rock could no doubt write an interesting and informative post about guitarist Richard Thompson, and I encourage him to do so.)

For now, I leave you with this track.

And, because I am obsessed with this song, I also have to include this clip from In the Edges. The expressions, both musically and physically, from 2:14-2:36 give me the shivers. Sometimes you just need to feel that.