Current Song Obsession: “Still Getting By” by aviva theirry

So I was listening to the CBC Searchlight submissions. Searchlight is an annual competition to find Canada’s best new music artist. As a listener, it’s a great opportunity to hear a glimpse of the music being made across the country.

One song in particular immediately caught hold of me. The arrangement is simple, just piano and vocals. But there is so much feeling in this recording, and I think that’s what grabbed me. That’s the beauty of a heartfelt performance and a great recording: It’s all about the energy. Sometimes the barest instrumentation makes for the fullest emotional expression.

This song evoked vivid memories for me. Times spent in the studios of Fanshawe College in London and Studio 306 in Toronto. Sitting at a piano, letting go and exploring whatever I happened to be feeling in that moment with the keys and sustain pedal. Playing from the heart. It’s incredibly freeing. This song elicits that feeling within me.

Here’s a snippet from the artist’s bio about her submission:

With a toddler running around, and a technical mishap, 27 tracks disappeared and she almost forfeited her entry entirely. Luckily, her friend dared her to submit something last minute, seeing that she had been so excited about the song.

I’m excited about the song too. Give a listen to aviva theirry’s “Still Getting By”. Just click on over here to her CBC Music profile and press play beside the song title.