Current Song Obsessions: “So Good At Being In Trouble” and “Secret Xtians” by Unknown Mortal Orchestra

You know when you hear a band for the first time and their sound induces that visceral response of spine tingles, goosebumps and a sense of euphoric nostalgia for a time that you weren’t even alive to experience?





I am obsessed with “So Good At Being In Trouble” by Unknown Mortal Orchestra. The groove, tones, ambiance – everything. Love that bass line. And his voice. Lawdy, his voice. Anyone who can turn on the scratch like that has me in the palm of their hand.

How obsessed am I? Enough to include another live version because I couldn’t decide which one I like best.



Then there’s “Secret Xtians”. It’s like discovering a lost Beatles track.

And the obsessing continues…