Whitehorse and Donovan Woods (and CBC Radio)

Last night I worked my first shift with a summer concert series at one of the region’s wineries. Donovan Woods opened for Whitehorse and (needless to say because they are all fantastic) it was an excellent evening.

Prior to the show I was talking with a few patrons and we discovered a common interest in CBC Radio. Drive with Rich Terfry (a.k.a. Buck 65). Deep Roots and Radio 2 Morning with Tom Power. The Signal with Laurie Brown. The list goes on. The common thread between us was that these programs have introduced us to artists that we love.

I know that the CBC is not without its flaws. However, last night was a wonderful example of the value and meaning that public radio, hosts, and all of the talented people who work behind the scenes can provide for artists and listeners alike by connecting us through programming. Whitehorse and Donovan Woods? It was CBC Radio that introduced me to their music. Same goes for Dan Mangan, Hannah Georgas, Amelia Curran, Bahamas, and on.

I suppose what I’m trying to say is that it was a cool moment to chat with some other avid listeners while working at a concert for two artists that I heard first on CBC. A nice cherry on top of a fantastic concert sundae.

And now for the goods! Three extremely talented lyricists, singers and musicians.

And finally, one of my Whitehorse faves. I’ve seen them a few times now and I’m still waiting to hear “Peterbilt Coalmine” live. This track (along with “Mismatched Eyes”) is from their second full-length album titled The Fate of the World Depends on This Kiss (2012), a smokin’ collection of songs from start to finish. Those harmonies and that guitar tone get me every time.